Virginia HOSA Bylaws

Article I.         Name

The official name of this organization shall be Virginia HOSA: Future Health Professionals.


Article II.       Purposes

The primary purpose of Virginia HOSA:  Future Health Professionals is to serve the needs of its members in the following ways:

                        A.        Foster programs and activities which will develop:

                                    1.         Physical, mental, and social well-being of the individual;

                                    2.         Leadership, character, and citizenship; and

                                    3.         Ethical practices and respect for the dignity of work;

                        B.        Foster self-actualization of each member, which will contribute to meeting the individual’s psychological, social, and economic needs;

                        C.        Build the confidence of students in themselves and their work by their learning to assume responsibilities and developing personal                                        and occupational competencies and social skills which lead to ealistic choices of careers and successful employment in the field                                            of health;

                        D.        Promote inter-organizational relationships with professional groups, businesses, industries, and other student organizations;

                        E.         Recognize individual achievement in scholarship, leadership skills, or services rendered by providing awards;

                        F.         Promote involvement in current health-care issues, environmental concerns, and survival needs of the community, the nation, and                                         world; and

                        G.        Promote the establishment of local student chapters and encourage local student chapters to affiliate with Virginia HOSA- Future                                            Health Professionals.


Article III.     Sponsorship

Section 1.       A.        Virginia Department of Education- Division of Career and Technical Education

                        B.        Virginia Health and Medical Sciences Educators Association


Article IV.      Organization

Section 1.       Virginia HOSA: Future Health Professionals shall be divided into geographic regions. The regions shall be designated by the Virginia HOSA:                            Future Health Professionals Executive Council and shall not be smaller than a school district.

Section 2.       The organization of Virginia HOSA: Future Health Professionals shall use the national organization as a guide for activities.

Section 3.       Active secondary and postsecondary chapters of the Virginia HOSA:  Future Health Professionals may be organized in:

                        A.        Local schools offering Health and Medical Sciences Education                                                 programs;

                        B.        Organized pre-career Health and Medical Sciences Education                         programs affiliated through local school chapters.

                        C.        Postsecondary Health and Medical Sciences Education programs                                             in state-operated schools.

Section 4.        A local school chapter may apply for a charter with Virginia HOSA:  Future Health Professionals affiliation when the following requirements                          are met:

                        A.        An active local chapter is established and application submitted to Virginia HOSA State Advisor.

                        B.        A local constitution and/or bylaws have been adopted.

                        C.        Provisions are afforded for revising the local constitution and/or bylaws so that the local constitution and/or bylaws do not conflict                                       with the state or national bylaws.

                        D.        Planned activities (Program of Work) are in harmony with the ideas and purposes of the state organization.

Section 5.        Application for chapter status shall be in accordance with Article X of these bylaws.

Section 6.       A local chapter in the state organization shall be in good standing when the following general conditions are met:

                        A. Current annual state assessments have been paid to the National Organization on or before January 1 for first semester students and by                               February 1 for second semester students.

                        B. All outstanding invoices have been paid.

                        C.  All current reports have been submitted to the state organization as requested by the state executive council.

                        D. Proposed changes in the local constitution and/or bylaws are not in conflict with state or national bylaws.

                        E. All current activities are in harmony with ideas and purposes of the state and national bylaws.


Article V.       Members

Section 1.        Virginia HOSA: Future Health Professionals is a state organization of, by, and for students of career education for Health and Medical                                       Sciences Education occupations. It shall consist of local chapters chartered by Virginia HOSA:Future Health Professionals.                          

Section 2.        Members shall be students who are or have been enrolled in a Health and Medical Sciences Education program or an organized pre-career                           Health and Medical Sciences Education program, any student whose career goal is in the health professions and persons associated with                             or participating in career Health and Medical Sciences Education in a professional capacity. Individuals shall be eligible for membership                                 through a local chapter student association that is under the auspices of the Health and Medical Sciences Education Service of the                                         Divisions of Career and Technical Education, Virginia Department of Education.

Section 3.        Classes of membership which shall be recognized by Virginia HOSA are:

                        A.        Student Membership

                                    1.         Secondary

                                                (a)       These members shall be secondary students who are enrolled in the Health and Medical Sciences Education program                                                                or an organized pre-career Health and Medical Sciences Education program or students who show an interest in                                                                        pursuing a healthcare career.

                                                (b)       Active secondary members shall pay assessments as established by the National and State HOSA.

                                                (c)       Active secondary members shall be eligible to hold office, participate in state and local activities, serve as voting                                                                       delegates, and represent their chapter in state affairs.

                                                (d)       Members elected to state office may extend their  membership for the term of office.

                                                (e)       In event of affiliation with national association, all active secondary members shall be eligible to hold office and                                                                         participate in national activities.

                                    2.         Postsecondary/Collegiate

                                                (a)       These members shall be students enrolled in postsecondary Health and Medical Sciences Education programs or                                                                      students who show an interest in pursuing a healthcare career.

                                                 (b)       Active postsecondary members shall pay assessments as established by the National and State HOSA

                                                 (c)       Active postsecondary members shall be eligible to  hold local office, participate in state activities, serve as voting                                                                      delegates, and represent their chapter and state in national affairs.                                               

                                    3.        Middle School

                                                 (a)      These members shall be students enrolled in middle school Health and Medical Sciences Education programs

                                                 (b)      Active middle school members shall pay assessments as established by the National and State HOSA.

                                                 (c)      Active middle school members shall be eligible to hold local office, participate in state activities, serve                                                                                         as voting delegates, and represent their chapter and state in national affairs.


                        B.        Professional

                                                 (a)       These members shall be persons associated with or participating in the development, maintenance, and                                                                                      improvement of Health and Medical Sciences Education programs within nation, state, or local community. Such                                                                         members may include: teacher- coordinators, teacher educators, Health and Medical Sciences Education supervisor,                                                                 employers, and/or sponsors of training stations and pre-career Health and Medical Sciences Education programs,                                                                     advisory committee members, and others willing to contribute to the development of the Virginia HOSA:  Future Health


                                                 (b).      Professional members shall pay assessments as National and State HOSA, but may not serve as voting delegates,                                                                    hold office, or enter competitive events.

                        C.        Alumni

                                                 (a).      Former active members who have legitimately separated from a Health and Medical Sciences Education program in                                                                  good standing with their chapters may maintain their membership in HOSA- Future Health Professionals                                                                           (b).     Alumni members have all the rights and privileges of active members except the right to vote, hold elective office, or                                                                 enter competitive events.

                        D.        Honorary Membership

                                   These members shall be persons who have made significant contributions to the development of Virginia HOSA: Future Health                                               Professionals and/or have rendered  outstanding service to the organization. The names of individuals to be considered for                                                     membership shall be submitted to the executive board for their approval by a two-thirds vote. They are lifetime members and do not                                     pay any assessment. Honorary members shall enjoy the rights of professional members.


Section 4.        Assessment

                        A.        State assessment (for the school year that follows) shall be  determined at the annual state meeting and shall be payable before                                              January 1.

                        B.        The membership year shall be from July 1 through June 30


Article VI.      Officers

Section 1.        The state officers of Virginia HOSA:  Future Health Professionals shall be: president, vice-president/parliamentarian, secretary/ reporter,                                historian, post-secondary collegiate representative and five regional vice-presidents.

Section 2.        Candidates for state office must:

                         A.        Be in good scholastic standing;

                         B.        Have the endorsement of their local chapter, local instructor, and school principal; and

                         C.        Be active members in local and state HOSA organizations.

Section 3.        All candidates for state office must file their candidacy for office with the state advisor by February 1.

Section 4.        Officers shall hold office for a minimum of one year following election. If a vacancy occurs in the presidency, the vice-president shall                                       assume the duty. The executive board shall elect members to fill all unexpired terms of office except that of the president.

Section 5.        Dual Officers

                         Individuals may be permitted to hold a local and a state office simultaneously.

Section 6.        No local organization shall submit more than one candidate for each student office.

Section 7.        Duties of State Officers:

                        A.        President

                                    The President must have one year of experience as a member of the State Executive Council.

                                    It shall be the duty of the state president to:

                                    1.         Preside over and conduct state meetings of Virginia HOSA- Future Health Professionals;

                                    2.         Preside over meetings of the executive board;

                                    3.         Appoint committees and serve as ex-officio member of them;

                                    4.         Make himself or herself available as necessary in promoting the general welfare of Virginia HOSA- Future Health                                                                        Professionals.


                        B.        Vice-President/Parliamentarian

                                    It shall be the duty of the state vice-president to:

                                    1.         Preside over state organization and executive board meetings in the absence of the president;

                                    2.         Assume the full duties and responsibilities of the president,  should the president resign or be absent for a two-month                                                               period;

                                    3.         Serve as chairperson of the program committee;

                                    4.         Serve as ex-officio member on committees; and

                                    5.         Assist the state president whenever called upon to do so by the state president or state advisor.

                                    6.         Maintain order at meetings using Robert's Rules of Order

                        C.        Regional Vice-President

                                    1.         Regional vice-presidents shall be elected at the annual state leadership conference.

                                    2.         It shall be the duty of the regional vice-president to:

                                                (a)       Represent all members from the respective region at state meetings;

                                                (b)       be responsible for regional activities as directed by the Executive Council; and

                                                (c)       Serve as a liaison between the region and the state organization.

                                                (d)  Serve as a member of committees.


                        D.        Secretary/Reporter

                                    The state secretary shall be responsible for the records of this organization. It shall be the duty of the state secretary to:

                                    1.         Keep accurate minutes of all meetings of Virginia-HOSA and of the executive board;

                                    2.         Carry on official correspondence;

                                    3.         Keep an accurate list of members and furnish members with membership cards;

                                    4.         Provide the state president or the designated substitute with a written agenda for each meeting; and

                                    5.         Provide the state president with a list of committees.

                                    6..         Collect news items and materials from individual chapters  and prepare news items for local and state newspapers and                                                  national publications (each chapter will receive Virginia-HOSA newsletters); and

                                    7.         Act as public relations person regarding Virginia-HOSA.


                        E..        Historian

                                    It shall be the duty of the state historian to:

                                    1.         Keep accurate records of important events to provide continuity between present and future members of this                                                                      organization;

                                    2.         Maintain a scrapbook of main events; and 

                                    3.         Complete a narrative account of HOSA.

Article VII.    Executive Board

Section 1.        The executive board shall be made up of all state officers, Health and Medical Sciences Education State Specialist, Virginia HOSA State                                   Advisor, and officer advisors serving as ex-officio members without vote.

Section 2.        Under the direction of the Virginia HOSA State Advisor, the executive board shall coordinate the affairs of the state association between its                            business meetings, determine the hour and place of those meetings make recommendations to the organization, and perform such other duties as are specified in these bylaws. The executive board shall be subject to the orders of the organization and none of its acts shall conflict with the actions of the organization.

Section 3.        The executive board, or its duly designated committee, may set up  activities for the state association as it deems advisable and                                               practical. Such activities shall follow the guidelines laid down in Article II.

Section 4.        The executive board shall develop an annual program of work.

Article IX.      Meetings

Section 1.        Time and place of annual meetings:

                        A.        The state convention shall be held annually and should convene at least 30 days prior to the national convention.

                        B.        The date and place of the annual state meeting will be sought by the Virginia HOSA State Advsior, who will notify the executive board                                      of the findings.

Section 2.       A.        The state executive board shall be empowered to call special state meetings.

                        B.        Thirty days’ notice of any special meeting shall be given to the association membership.

Section 3.        A quorum for the annual meeting shall be constituted by representative  delegates from a majority of the chapters.


Article IX.      Procedure for Issuing Charter of Membership to Local Chapters

Section 1.        A.        Local chapters shall apply through the state advisor for affiliation with Virginia HOSA: Future Health Professionals, using the form                                          provided for this purpose or a letter of intent. Such applications or letters shall be signed by the chapter president and the chapter                                          advisor. The following shall accompany the application for a certificate of membership:

                                    1.         Name, address, and phone number(s) of affiliating chapter;

                                    2.         A copy of the proposed bylaws;

                                    3.         A list of chapter officers and advisors, with the name and  address of each;

                                    4.         A complete list of the members; 

                                    5.         A remittance to cover state dues and a charter fee;  and

                                    6.         A copy of the current program of work. A charter will be sent to a new chapter upon receipt of such application, provided that                                                  the proposed chapter bylaws are not in conflict with the state and national bylaws.

                        B.        Each chartered affiliate of the state organization shall be responsible for all operational activities within the local chapter.

Section 2.        Charter

                        A.        Charters shall be issued to local Virginia-HOSA chapters by the executive board of the Virginia HOSA:  Future Health Professionals

                        B.        Charters are listed numerically.


Article X.       Finances

Section 1.        All VA HOSA funds shall be deposited in an account of the institution designated by the Career and Technical Education Department.

Section 2.        The fiscal year will be July 1 through June 30.

Section 3.        All deposits and payments will be handled by the grant institution.  The HOSA State Advisor will submit the proper paperwork to make                                   deposits and payments for VA HOSA.

Section 4.         The HOSA State Advisor will be responsible for all tax filing.

Article XI.      Voting Delegates

Section 1        The House of Voting Delegates shall consist of the following representation from each of the chartered local chapters;

                         A.        One voting delegate representing the first 10 members;

                         B.        One additional delegate representing each additional 15 members or major fraction thereof (8 or more); and

                         C.        One voting delegate for chapters with less than 10 members

                         D.        One alternate delegate for each voting delegate.

Section 2        The duties of the voting delegates are as follows:

                        A.        adopt bylaws, rules and regulations;

                        B.        elect state officers; and

                        C.        act upon recommendations concerning organizational business as requested by the Virginia  HOSA Executive Council.


Section 3:       The names of the delegates must appear on the official membership roster.



Section 4       All official delegates and alternates must be certified by the local advisor of each chapter to the state advisor no later than two weeks prior                           to a state meeting at which business of the association will be conducted.


Section 5.        Voting on state officers shall be done by secret ballot.


Article XII.    Amendment of Bylaws

                        These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the authorized  delegates at any annual state meeting, provided that the proposed                          amendment has been submitted in writing to the executive board and the  local chapters at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.